Lisbon Day Trips

Welcome to our carefully curated assortment of day trips from Lisbon, all conveniently accessible with your private driver in the comfort, luxury, and style of our premium air-conditioned vehicles.

Allow us to guide you through a series of unique tours that transport you beyond the city’s limits to nearby treasures such as the historic cities of Sintra and Evora, lesser traveled gems like Obidos and Arrabid or Fatima, and other sites with massive religious significance.

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Best Day Trips From Lisbon

Just a brief journey from the city center, you will encounter a world rich in history, natural beauty, and architectural marvels.

Wander through the enchanting streets of Sintra, a town renowned for its fairy-tale palaces and lush gardens. Visit the charming seaside town of Cascais with its beautiful beaches and vibrant marina. Behold the breathtaking cliffs of Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of mainland Europe that boasts stunning ocean views.

Venture further to Évora, a captivating testament to Portugal’s ancient history and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This city is home to a remarkable Roman temple and a hauntingly beautiful chapel made of bones.

Contact our team of expert local travel planners to find out more about our incredible range of day trips and more from Lisbon!

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