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Tour Around Spain & France in 2 Weeks

Our tour planning specialists have designed this 14-day journey through the heart of France and Spain for you to experience the best of these two European gems in just two weeks.

From the iconic Eiffel Tower and the historic D-Day beaches of Normandy to the architectural wonders of Barcelona and the historic charm of Madrid, this tour offers a deep dive into the rich heritage and vibrant life of two of Europe’s most enchanting countries.

Join us on this grand adventure through the very soul of France and Spain.

Destinations On Our 14-Day France & Spain Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Paris - The City of Light Awaits

Effiel Tower, Paris,
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Welcome to Paris!

Start your journey in the heart of France as you arrive in Paris. Your driver-guide will meet you and ensure a comfortable transfer to your hotel.

Eiffel Tower - A Glimpse of Parisian Splendor

Your journey in Paris begins with the iconic Eiffel Tower, a marvel of engineering and architecture that has captivated visitors since its debut in 1889 for the World’s Fair. As you ascend to its observation decks, the panoramic views unfold, offering a breathtaking vista of Paris’ sprawling cityscape.

From the heights, witness the Seine River winding through the city, the Montmartre district crowned by the Sacré-Cœur, and the orderly avenues radiating from the Arc de Triomphe.

This first encounter with Paris from above sets the tone for an unforgettable exploration of the city’s wonders.

Louvre Museum - A Treasure Trove of Art

The Louvre Museum, a former royal palace transformed into the largest art museum in the world, houses an astounding collection that spans from ancient civilizations to 19th-century European masterpieces.

Each hall and gallery unfolds with stories of artistic endeavor and historical significance, from the enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa to the graceful form of the Venus de Milo. The museum’s architecture, blending classical and modern elements, including the iconic glass pyramid, enhances the experience.

Champs-Élysées - Paris' Historic Avenue

Your day culminates with a stroll along the Champs-Élysées, the epitome of Parisian elegance and vitality.

This historic avenue, stretching from Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe, is a microcosm of Parisian life, bustling with activity and brimming with the charm of the city’s café culture.

The Arc de Triomphe at the avenue’s end stands as a powerful tribute to France’s military history, inviting contemplation and offering a moment of reflection on the sacrifices made for the nation.

Day 2: Versailles Palace & Evening in Paris

Versailles, France

Visit the opulent Versailles Palace, delving into the grandeur of French royalty. Later, revel in Paris’ enchanting beauty with a serene Seine River cruise and an exploration of Montmartre’s artistic allure.

Experience the quintessence of Parisian culture in this unforgettable blend of history, art, and nighttime vibrancy.

Palace of Versailles Guided Tour

Your journey to Versailles begins with a comfortable private transfer as your driver collects you from your accommodation in Paris.

Our private guide will meet you at the palace’s gates, setting the stage for an immersive exploration of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Within its opulent walls and expansive gardens, Versailles tells the story of France’s golden age under the reign of Louis XIV. The guided tour unveils the palace’s most iconic spaces, including the Hall of Mirrors, where the Treaty of Versailles was signed, and the lavish Royal Apartments, each room a testament to the luxury and extravagance of the Sun King’s court.

Stroll through the immaculate gardens, designed by André Le Nôtre, where art and nature blend seamlessly in a display of baroque landscape design.

Seine River Cruise

Upon returning to Paris, we have a serene Seine River cruise planned for you in the afternoon.

Glide past historic landmarks and picturesque bridges, including Notre Dame Cathedral and the Musée d’Orsay, from the unique vantage point of the river. This tranquil journey offers a moment of reflection amid the city’s bustling pace, providing a fresh perspective on Paris’ enduring beauty and architectural marvels.

Montmartre Discovery

As dusk falls, the enchanting district of Montmartre beckons.

Renowned for its bohemian spirit and artistic heritage, Montmartre’s cobbled streets, bustling squares, and cozy cafés offer a glimpse into the Paris of yesteryear.

Visit the iconic Sacré-Cœur Basilica, perched atop the hill, offering panoramic views of the city below. As night descends, immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife, perhaps enjoying a show at the legendary Moulin Rouge or savoring a gourmet dinner at a traditional Parisian bistro, capturing the essence of Parisian joie de vivre.

Day 3: Journey from Paris to Normandy

Claude Monet's house in Giverny

Leave the bustling streets of Paris behind as you set off with your driver to the historic region of Normandy. Your day begins with a leisurely drive through the picturesque French countryside, leading you to the first stop on your itinerary.

Giverny: Monet's Idyllic Retreat

Discover the enchanting village of Giverny, a source of inspiration for many of Claude Monet’s masterpieces. Stroll through the charming streets that lead to the artist’s beloved home and gardens.

Tour of Monet's House

Step inside Claude Monet’s House in Giverny, where the father of Impressionism lived and painted for 43 years.

This tour invites you to explore the vibrant living spaces, the sunny yellow dining room, and his first studio. Surrounded by colorful flowerbeds and the famous water garden with its Japanese bridge, lily pond, and weeping willows, you’ll witness the natural scenes that inspired some of Monet’s most beloved works.

Monet's Gardens: An Impressionist's Paradise

Explore the vibrant and lush gardens of Monet, where the play of light and shadow amongst the floral tapestry comes to life just as it did in his paintings.

Walk by the famous water lily pond, a motif that recurs in Monet’s work, bringing the essence of his art to vibrant reality.

After immersing yourself in the artistic splendor of Giverny, continue your journey to Normandy.

Upon arrival, check into your accommodation, where you’ll be greeted with the warm hospitality characteristic of the region. Unwind and prepare for the upcoming days of exploring Normandy’s rich historical heritage and stunning natural beauty.

Day 4: D-Day Beaches Tour

Utah Beach invasion landing memorial, Normandy, France

Pay homage to the fallen at the D-Day beaches in Normandy while your guide reveals the narratives and tactics that influenced this crucial period.

This day promises a profound journey of contemplation and insight, visiting the very locations where bravery and sacrifice made such a monumental impact on the War.

Omaha Beach Landing Sites

Walk along the same sands where the American forces bravely faced formidable German defenses at Omaha Beach, one of the principal landing sites of the Allied invasion.

Your guide will recount the harrowing tales of courage and sacrifice that marked this pivotal moment in World War II, bringing to life the struggles and triumphs of the soldiers who fought for freedom.

Utah Beach: The Westernmost Flank

Continue to Utah Beach, the westernmost flank of the D-Day landings, where the American 4th Infantry Division landed.

Here, amidst the now-peaceful dunes, you’ll learn about the strategic planning and execution of the landings, the challenges faced by the troops, and the surprising events of the day that led to unexpected outcomes. The Utah Beach Museum, overlooking the beach, offers further insights with its comprehensive exhibits and artifacts.

American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer

The tour culminates at the American Cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer, a solemn tribute to the American soldiers who lost their lives during the Normandy campaign.

Stroll among the rows of white crosses and Stars of David that stretch across the land overlooking the sea. The visitor center provides personal stories, photographs, and interactive displays, deepening the understanding of the sacrifices made for liberty.

As the sun sets over the Channel, return to your accommodation in Normandy, carrying with you a deeper appreciation of the events of June 6, 1944, and their lasting impact on the world.

Best Tours from Emily! Words can't express how grateful it was to be able to call on Emily for help with some excursions in Spain. Emily, thanks soo much. You're the BEST!!!
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Tisa N (US)

Day 5: Mont Saint-Michel Excursion

Mont Saint-Michel, France

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Mont Saint-Michel is renowned for its unique combination of natural beauty and architectural splendor. This day tour will transport you to an ethereal medieval world where history and legend intertwine.

Mont Saint-Michel Abbey

Perched atop the island, the majestic Mont Saint-Michel Abbey is a testament to medieval ingenuity and devotion. Your guided tour will lead you through the abbey’s intricate network of halls, chapels, and cloisters, each telling a piece of the island’s rich history.

Discover the abbey’s architectural marvels, from the Romanesque church to the Gothic choir, and learn about the life of the Benedictine monks who once inhabited this spiritual sanctuary.

Medieval Village Exploration

After the abbey, walk through the narrow, winding streets of Mont Saint-Michel’s medieval village.

Encased within ancient ramparts, the village is a living museum, with its historic buildings now housing quaint shops, charming eateries, and museums. Your guide will highlight the village’s most fascinating features, sharing tales of past sieges, pilgrimages, and daily life in this extraordinary setting.

In the early evening, return to your Normandy accommodation.

Day 6: Bayeux Tapestry & Honfleur Discovery

Bayeux Tapestry, France

On day six, we enter the historic town of Bayeux, famed for its medieval masterpiece, the Bayeux Tapestry.

Then, journey to the picturesque port town of Honfleur, known for its artistic heritage and maritime charm.

Bayeux Tapestry Exhibition

Our first destination is Bayeux, where the undoubted highlight is the UNESCO-listed Bayeux Tapestry.

This 70-meter-long embroidered cloth is not just an art piece but a historical document that narrates the tale of the Norman conquest of England in 1066.

Your guided tour will offer insights into the medieval craftsmanship, storytelling, and historical context of this remarkable artifact, providing a vivid window into the past.

Bayeux's Historical Center

After your tapestry experience, your guide will take you through Bayeux’s well-preserved historical center.

The town’s medieval architecture, including its magnificent cathedral, which dates back to the same era as the tapestry, is extraordinary.

Honfleur's Maritime Charm

In the afternoon, proceed to Honfleur, a captivating port town that has inspired artists, including Claude Mone, amongst others.

Explore the old harbor surrounded by colorful buildings, and visit Saint Catherine’s Church, built entirely of wood, as you amble through its picturesque streets. The town’s unique blend of maritime history and artistic legacy makes it a serene conclusion to your day.

As the evening approaches, return to your accommodation in Normandy.

Day 7: Return to Paris and Flight to Barcelona

Rouen Cathedral, France

The final leg of your Normandy adventure as you journey back to Paris. En route, discover the historic city of Rouen, known for its awe-inspiring cathedral and rich history tied to Joan of Arc.

Finally, we end the French section of our itinerary with an evening flight to Barcelona.

Rouen Cathedral Visit

On our way back to Paris, we will stop in Rouen, a city steeped in history and art.

Explore Rouen Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture that has inspired many, including the impressionist painter Claude Monet. Delve into the cathedral’s intricate designs, towering spires, and the history echoing through its grand halls.

Joan of Arc's Rouen

Rouen is also famously known as the site where Joan of Arc was tried and martyred.

Walk through the old market square, now marked by a modern church dedicated to her memory. Your guide will share tales of her bravery, trial, and lasting legacy in French history.

Return to Paris and Flight to Barcelona

After immersing yourself in Rouen’s rich cultural tapestry, continue your journey back to Paris, where you will proceed to the airport for your flight to Barcelona.

The 1.5-hour flight will whisk you away to the vibrant capital of Catalonia. Upon landing, your driver will greet you and ensure a comfortable transfer to your Barcelona accommodation, setting the stage for the next chapter of your journey.

Day 8: Discovering Gaudi's Barcelona

best of gaudi tour balcony in Parc Güell
Parc Güell, Barcelona, Spain

On the morning of day eight, you will awake in Barcelona, a city renowned for its architectural marvels and the genius of Antoni Gaudi, an architect synonymous with Catalan Modernism.

Your journey through Barcelona’s streets will unveil Gaudi’s imaginative brilliance, immersing you in a world where architecture and art merge.

Gaudi's Masterpieces on Paseo de Gracia

Your day starts with a guided tour of Gaudi’s iconic structures along the bustling Paseo de Gracia.

Casa Batllo is known locally as the House of Bones due to its unique, seemingly freeform design. Straight lines are an absolute rarity, and instead, images of organic forms dominate. Inside, a museum unfolds the story of Gaudi’s vision and creativity.

A short walk away, your guide will lead you to Casa Mila, affectionately dubbed La Pedrera (The Stone Quarry). Admire its wavy façade before exploring the interior, which hosts an array of art exhibitions showcasing the fusion of Gaudi’s architectural ingenuity with contemporary art.

Park Guell: Gaudi's Outdoor Fantasy

Continue to Park Guell, a garden complex with architectural elements on Carmel Hill.

Commissioned by Eusebi Guell, the park was intended as an estate for well-to-do families. Wander through this enchanting space where nature and architectural elements blend seamlessly, reflecting Gaudi’s deep appreciation for the natural world.

The Sagrada Familia Experience

The highlight of your Gaudi tour is the Sagrada Familia, a cathedral of monumental scale and detail featuring eighteen spires and intricate façades.

Begin with the exterior, where your guide will elucidate the biblical narratives captured in stone. Inside, witness the interplay of light and color through the stained glass windows, a testament to Gaudi’s innovative vision.

Evening in Barcelona

Enjoy an evening of sampling traditional Spanish tapas and wines, guided by your local expert, before retiring to your hotel, enriched by the artistic and architectural wonders of Gaudi’s Barcelona.

Day 9: Exploring Montserrat & A Winery From Barcelona

monastery and the mountains of Montserrat in Spain.
Montserrat Monastery, Spain

We have a day trip planned for you today as you join your private driver for a ride to the enchanting Montserrat Mountains and get up close and personal with Spanish Wines on a vineyard visit.

The Majesty of Montserrat

A mere hour’s drive from Barcelona, Montserrat stands as a breathtaking natural wonder.

The mountain range, renowned for its peculiar rock formations, offers panoramic vistas of Catalonia. Tailoring the day to your preferences, we can arrange an invigorating hike or a more relaxed experience, perhaps enjoying local delicacies amidst the scenic backdrop.

Montserrat Monastery and the Black Madonna

The heart of Montserrat, the Santa María Benedictine Monastery, awaits at the summit. Ascend via cable car, where the monastery, a spiritual beacon for many, offers a profound sense of peace.

Your guide will lead you through the historic cloisters to the revered Black Madonna shrine, which some believe was crafted by Saint Luke himself.

Afternoon at Penedès Wine Estate

Transition from spiritual heights to the earthly delights of the Penedès wine region, famed for its sparkling Cava. Here, amidst the verdant vineyards, you’ll delve into the art of Cava production, a Spanish treasure crafted through traditional methods.

Savor the opportunity to taste a selection of five Cavas or still wines, directly at the source. Engage with the winemakers, uncovering the secrets behind their bubbly creations, from grape to glass. The region’s history and viticultural practices come to life as you explore the cellars and vineyards.

Return to Barcelona with your private driver in the evening.

Day 10: The Gothic Heart of Barcelona

Guided tour of Plaça del Rei in Barcelona.
Plaça del Rei, Barcelona, Spain

Understand the origins of the city with your tour of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, where history and architecture intertwine to reveal the tales of centuries gone.

Exploring the Barri Gótic

Your adventure begins in the labyrinthine streets of the Gothic Quarter, where each corner holds a piece of history and bears witness to centuries of Barcelona’s evolution. Your guide will bring to life the stories behind the stone, from ancient Roman foundations to medieval splendors.

Gothic Quarter Tour Highlights

Barcelona Cathedral: Venture inside this magnificent Gothic cathedral, exploring its crypts, tombs, and the intricate details of the Cathedral Museum.

Placa del Rei: Stand amidst medieval buildings and gaze up at the striking spire, feeling the weight of history around you.

Picasso Museum: Discover the works of Pablo Picasso set against the backdrop of stunning Catalan Gothic palaces, providing a unique fusion of art and architecture.

Museu Frederic Marès: Immerse yourself in a world of religious art and sculptures, showcasing the devotion and artistic flair of bygone eras.

Evening Tapas

Your guide will introduce you to the culinary heart of Barcelona, where tapas are not just food but a way of life. Savor the flavors of traditional dishes, each telling its own story of Barcelona’s diverse culture and heritage.

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Day 11: Flight to Madrid & Cultural Exploration

Private tour at Royal Palace of Madrid.
Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain

To make your way to Madrid, the country’s Royal Capital, you can choose between a swift flight, taking just 1 hour and 20 minutes, or a scenic high-speed train journey of 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Upon landing or arriving at the station in Madrid, you’ll be warmly greeted by our dedicated driver, ready to whisk you away into the bustling city life.

Prado Museum

Skip the queues and immerse yourself in the unparalleled collection of masterpieces housed in the Prado Museum.

Your guide will lead you through the halls adorned with works by Velázquez, Goya, and El Greco, sharing insights that bring each painting to life.

Royal Palace of Madrid

Experience the splendor of the Royal Palace with a private tour that reveals the opulence and history of Spain’s monarchy.

The exquisite interiors, from the grand state rooms to the intricate tapestries and ornate furnishings, offer a breathtaking glimpse into the Royal lifestyle.

Restaurante Botin

Step into the pages of history at Restaurante Botin, recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest restaurant.

Savor traditional Spanish cuisine in an establishment that has welcomed guests since 1725.

Evening Delights in Madrid

As dusk falls, Madrid’s streets come alive with the vibrant spirit of the locals.

Dive into the city’s lively tapas scene, hopping from one bodega to another, indulging in small plates paired with a refreshing caña or a glass of vermouth. It’s the perfect way to experience Madrid’s nighttime allure and gastronomic excellence, just like the locals.

Day 12: Exploring the Historical Tapestry of Toledo

Toledo castle tour group entering
Toledo, Spain

A mere hour’s journey from Madrid will transport you to this ancient city, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1986. Wandering its storied streets alongside your private guide, you’ll traverse time, uncovering the layers of history that have sculpted Spanish heritage.

City of Three Cultures

Toledo, often hailed as the “City of Three Cultures,” seamlessly blends the artistic and architectural legacies of its Jewish, Moorish, and Christian pasts. This confluence of cultures is etched into the very fabric of the city, from its winding alleyways to its towering monuments.

During your visit, marvel at the architectural grandeur of the Catedral Metropolitana, wander the halls of the Palacio del Marqués de San Juan y Navas, and gaze upon the Gothic splendor of the Casa de Los Tiros. A highlight of your Toledo exploration will be delving into the oeuvre of El Greco, particularly his revered 1586 work, “The Burial of Count Orgaz,” a masterpiece that captures the essence of the Renaissance spirit.

As the day comes to a close, you will be delivered back to your Madrid accommodation.

Day 13: Enchanting Segovia & Its Majestic Alcázar

Castle tour in Segovia.
Alcázar de Segovia, Spain

Segovia, a treasure trove of historical marvels and enchanting landscapes, lies just an hour away from Madrid, making it a perfect destination for your second day trip from Madrid.

Alcázar de Segovia

The Alcázar de Segovia, with its distinctive silhouette, is said to be the inspiration behind the iconic Disney castle.

Your immersive tour of the Alcázar will unveil the grandeur of its past, from the Tower of John II of Castile to the regal splendor of the Throne Room, Royal Chamber, and the Hall of Kings.

Discover the Armory’s historical significance and delve into the tales preserved in the Museum of the Royal College of Artillery.

Roman Aqueduct and Segovia Walking Tour

The adventure continues with a visit to the awe-inspiring Roman Aqueduct, a marvel of ancient engineering that remained in use until the late 20th century.

As the afternoon unfolds, stroll through Segovia’s historic heart with your guide, culminating in a dining experience at a renowned Castilian restaurant offering authentic local flavors.

Return to Madrid in the evening.

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Day 14: Farewell Madrid and Homeward Bound

As your 14-day journey through France and Spain draws to a close, we ensure a seamless transfer to the airport in the comfort of a luxury vehicle.

Should time permit before your departure, we’re excited to offer one last memorable Madrid experience tailored to your interests.

Whether you’re captivated by the thrill of a La Liga match, intrigued by the history of the Bernabeu Stadium, eager for a culinary adventure with a professional chef, or enchanted by the vibrant rhythms of Flamenco, our team is dedicated to crafting the perfect finale to your tour.

Reach out to discover the bespoke experiences our Spanish tour planners can orchestrate for your final day.

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