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Our guided tour of The Camino de Santiago, also known as the Way of St James, is a pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint James the Great in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, where the remains of the apostles are said to be buried

This private tour experience covers the last 100 km of the Santiago Way and will grant Pilgrims the Compostela, which is an official document that recognizes you as a Saint James Pilgrim. 

On your tour of El Camino De Santiago, you will be accompanied by an officially licensed guide who will plot your route and travel requirements with sections traveled via private vehicle and visiting small Spanish villages and sampling authentic local cuisine along with providing suggestions for accommodation that suits your needs and requirements.

tour guide with group on Camino de Santiago way of st james.
modern Pilgrim walking the Camino de Santiago trail.

What is the St. James Way (Camino de Santiago)

As the medieval legend has it, the remains of the apostle Santiago El Mayor were discovered in Galicia at the beginning of the 9th century. The city of Santiago de Compostela and one of the most exquisite Romanesque churches in the West were built in his honor. 

Ever since pilgrims have come from the world over to travel the routes that lead to St. James’ relics.

What Route Do We Take On Our St. James Way Tour

Pilgrims walking along the Camino de Santiago in Spain
Camino de Santiago

Your tour will begin with a private transfer to Estella as you travel to Villamayor, Viana, and Logrono.

Crossing the Irache monastery is the high point of the day. Founded in the 10th century, you will be more than ready to accept an offer of their traditional red wine!

We will then leave the Navarra region and enter La Rioja. The medieval towns and fortress walls of Viana are reminders of the harsh battles that took place along this border.

Logrono - Najera - Santo Domingo De La Calzada

Santo Domingo De La Calzada tour, Spain
Santo Domingo De La Calzada, Spain

Morning transfer to Nájera, a place that holds its name from the medieval Arabic root, meaning ‘place between the rocks. Located on the river banks and surrounded by bright orange cliffs, it’s an obviously-appropriate name.

The day ends with discovering the village of Santo Domingo de la Calzada.

Santo Domingo De La Calzada - Villafranca De La Monte De Oca - Atapuerca

Morning transfer to Villafranca de Monte de Oca. 

We will walk past the 11th-century Monastery of San Juan de Ortega. Famous for its decorative columns that depict the duel between Roland and the Moor Giant Ferragut. 

The walk will end in the tiny hamlet of Atapuerca, renowned for a story that is not linked to the Camino in the least. In 1992, archeological excavations discovered the remains of what is known as the ‘first European’, a Neanderthal skeleton dating over 800,000 years ago.

First Class travel in Spain Antonio and his team have been amazingly helpful and professional every time we have used his services.. They have organized at least five excursions throughout Spain for us and have provided excellent service. Everything from the transfers, the drivers, the accommodations to the guides have always been first rate. I strongly recommend their services.
Juan Tapia (US)

León Astorga - Foncebadón - Acebo - Villafranca Del Bierzo

Villafranca del Bierzo, point of the Camino de Santiago
Villafranca del Bierzo

We climb to Cruz de Hierro (the Iron cross), an emblematic place along the Camino francés. Located atop Mount Irago at 4,970 feet, it is the highest point along the entire Camino francés, including the Pyrenees. 

Adding a stone at the foot of this cross has become an important Camino ritual with many pilgrims over the centuries. A long downhill awaits on the other side. 

Today we will have a 45-minute transfer at the end of the day to our inn.

Villafranca Del Bierzo - O’cebreiro - Triacastela - Samos

Morning transfer to start the day at one of the prettiest, and also popular, villages on the entire Camino Frances, O’Cebreiro. This village looks and feels, and to a certain extent, is completely Celtic.

We will walk along this mountain crest for a while before arriving in Triacastela where a peaceful section through the forest will lead us to one of Spain’s oldest and largest Monasteries (Samos).

We spend the evening here so you may opt to attend the unique monastery mass with the monks in the evening. Occasionally, they treat visitors to some Gregorian chants.

Muchas Gracias! Thank you for all of your incredible help! This was our second time using your services and we could not have been happier. The Sixtyfour Apartments in Barcelona were a particularly perfect fit for our family...fabulous recommendation.
Sarah (US)

Somos - Sarria - Portomarin

Transfer to Sarria where you will then spend most of the day in the quiet countryside, discovering the peacefulness of rural Galicia. You’ll end with a long downhill walk into Portomarin, your home for the evening, along the banks of the Miño River.

Portomarin - Palas Del Rei

Shell Symbol from Camino de Santiago, Galicia
Shell Symbol from Camino de Santiago, Galicia

Another peaceful day in the countryside, enjoyably meandering through local villages and hamlets. Some interesting untended Celtic ruins can be seen along the way if one has the strength to make a short 1 km detour.

Palas Del Rei - Castaneda

Today takes you through Melide, a village that has made Pulpo Gallego legendary throughout the country. A simple recipe of octopus, potatoes, and paprika but when prepared just right, lights up your taste buds!

Castaneda – Pedrouzo

As you get closer to Santiago, you start walking through more and more Eucalyptus tree forests. The aroma is delightful as is the rest of the trail.

A short 30-minute transfer will return us to our lodge for the night, as we are still staying in Pazo Santa María.

Pedrouzo – Santiago De Compostela

Santiago de Compostela cathedral tour, Spain
Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, Spain

A shorter distance walking in the last Camino’s day to take full advantage of the city’s sites. Enjoy the fulfillment of reaching your destination!

Afternoon: Private guided visit to Santiago’s Cathedral.

Why A Guide Is Required For The Camino De Santiago?

Shell symbol of the camino de santiago
Symbol of the Camino de Santiago

The intrigue of the Camino De Santiago goes far beyond the holy experience. Walking for several days on the Camino del Sol (from east to west), with your guide explaining the significance of the route, the tales and historic episodes at each station, and utilizing their expert local knowledge to plan the best food, wine, and choice of luxury hotels provides a completely new experience for our guests walking the St. James Way.

The landscape on this spiritual journey also changes along the way: Santiago can be reached by crossing the forests of Navarra, the rivers of Rioja, the barren plains of Castile- Leon, and, finally, the mountains of Leon and Galicia. 

The guide that will accompany you is an expert connoisseur of the best routes and will find the most suitable roads at all times. If it rains, the guide will look for the best paths to follow… If it’s hot, a more shaded area, varying every day so as not to make it monotonous or hard.

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