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All Covid Travel Restrictions Lifted in Spain!

Ladies and Gents, as of 21st October 2022, it’s finally official – there are NO Covid-related travel restrictions for people entering Spain.

This marks the first major revision to the restrictions since June 2021 when Spain opened its doors to all vaccinated travelers who could display their certificate upon arrival at the airport and evidence of a recent PCR test showing they were negative. Thankfully our clients were happy to deal with these restrictions, and 2022 was a phenomenal year for us, with the Summer and Autumn months being some of the busiest we have ever experienced.

The news from last month, however, means that the brakes are finally off, and regardless of vaccination status, people are free to enter Spain with no checks at the airport, beforehand or after.

To confirm, for all trips to Spain in 2023 and beyond, there is:

  • No requirement to be fully vaccinated or display proof of vaccination
  • No need to show evidence of a negative Covid test
  • No obligation to provide proof of having recovered from Covid in the last 6 months
  • No Health control forms or documents are required to be completed before travel

Do I need to Wear a Mask in Spain

Since April 2022, there has been no requirement to wear a mask in any public setting, indoors or outdoors in Spain, outside health-related buildings such as Hospitals, Care Homes, and other such centers.

The only exception to this is on public transport (trains, subway, and buses) where the Spanish government has said that they will keep the mask legislation (even if generally unenforced) until March 2023.

Thinking of Touring Spain in 2023?

With the news that the restrictions are finally over, there has never been a better time to reserve your tour of Spain. 

Now that the full potential of the country has been unleashed we anticipate the scale of the country’s provisions for visitors, preparedness for their arrival at airports and other previous “choking points”, and the magnitude of festivals and celebrations across the country that help make Spain so unique are only going to increase in size.

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