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Many of our guests tell us that their private tour experience in Granada was the highlight of their Spanish vacation. Quite simply, this relatively small town of Granada, found at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains in the Andalucia region of the country has an essence that captures people’s hearts and souls in a way that few others can compare with.

Our guided tour experiences have been designed to bring you closer to what makes Granada so unique. By walking the streets and discovering the captivating history of the town on a private tour of Granada, forged as it was through the confluence of Jewish, Moorish, and Christian people and traditions, exploring the Sacromonte caves where Flamenco dancing is thriving in the same locale it is said to originate from, and getting a true flavor of the city that, more than any other in Spain, proudly holds onto the tradition of offering complimentary and varied Tapas with every drink ordered!

Ultimately though, no trip to Granada would be complete without a guided tour experience of the Alhambra Palace. The Islamic and later Christian Palace and fortress which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and there is no better way to visit this masterpiece than with our exclusive skip-the-line tickets and officially licensed guides.

view through Arabic style architecture arch in Alhambra
court of the lions in the alhambra.

What To Do On Your Tour Of Granada

Private Tours of the Alhambra

view from mountainside of Alhambra palace in Granada
Alhambra, Granada

The Alhambra palace was the last stronghold of the Moors in Spain, and entering the magnificently preserved structure is truly like stepping back through time as your private guide brings to life the historic characters, dramatic tales, and war stories that span from the formation of Granada under the Nasrid dynasty in 1246 through to the Alhambra Decree in 1492 after the Catholic Monarchs Isabella of Castille and Ferdinand of Aragon had rejoined the kingdoms and expelled practicing Jews in the territories or enforced conversion.

On your private tour of the Alhambra you will visit:

Nasrid Palaces

These mansion complexes were constructed to be the official residence of the Moorish rulers of Granada and the attention to detail of the glorious mosaics, tiling and ornamental designs of the interiors and courtyards have to be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated. 

Highlights of the Nasrid Palaces to visit with your guide are, the Mexuar hall: a courtroom over which the heads of state would preside, and later a Christian Chapel. The Palace of Comares: This structure served as the Sultan’s headquarters, and thus the most important quarter of the Palace at the time. The Golden Room Courtyard and Lion’s Palace: A series of rooms belonging to the Royal family, each with a gorgeous gallery to provide access to the royal chambers. At the center of the courtyard, you’ll find the fountain consisting of lions carved out of marble.

Charles V Palace

Construction on the palace began in 1527 in Renaissance style with a circular courtyard surrounded by many Classical Greek-style columns. This palace was built outside the grounds of the main Alhambra building to provide additional luxury and comfort for the Emperor and his family.


The remains of the residential neighborhood.


The oldest surviving part of the Alhambra, this fortress and armaments section was constructed under the rulership of Mohammed I, the founder of the Nasrid dynasty, in 1238 and was built on top of the earlier Zirid Dynasty fortress in the 11th Century.

Generalife Garden

Built into the “Hill of the Sun”, walk in the footsteps of the rulers, Princes, Kings, and Queens who would come here to relax and join with nature on a break from official life at the palace.

Emily put together an incredible trip! Emily put together an amazing trip for me through the Andalusia area of Spain. From the minute I touched down in Malaga, Emily and her team made sure I met up with all of my drivers and private tour guides in each city. Every tour was incredible and each guide was extremely knowledgable on the city's history, culture, food scene and architecture. I highly recommend Emily Matthews and her team and would use her again the next time I go to Spain, Portugal or Morocco.
5 star review
Kalush (US)

Albaicín Walking Tour

Albaicín district private walking tour in Granada
Albaicín Granada

Your guide will now take you on a walking tour through the Albaicin district, located on top of a hill overlooking the Alhambra. Sometimes referred to as Granada’s Old Town, the history of the Albaicin is very much Moorish in nature and the district retains the same street plan that was laid down all the way back under the Nasrid period from the 13th century and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

In the present day, Its narrow cobbled streets and whitewashed homes make it one of the most authentic neighborhoods in Granada. Alongside guided tours along the city walls and medieval gates, monuments that date back to the era when Granada was under Islamic rule and former Moorish churches, you can find lots of shops selling oriental goods, including spices and dried fruit. 

The Carrera del Darro runs parallel to the river Daro and is one of the oldest and most picturesque streets in the neighborhood, while visiting the historic homes in the area and in particular, the Casa de Zafra museum, which was once the residence of a nobleman, provides the perfect opportunity for your guide to discuss how the wealthy used to live in the area.

Explore Granada Cathedral & Royal Cathedral

skyline of Granada with granada cathedral prominent in the foreground.
Granada Cathedral, Spain

Join your guide for a private tour of the Renaissance-style Granada Cathedral, symbolically constructed on top of the site where the Great Mosque stood, and the nearby Gothic-style Royal Chapel which houses the tombs of King Fernando and Queen Isabel.

Granada Cathedral

Despite Granada being a comparatively small city, it houses the 2nd largest Cathedral in the entirety of Spain and the first built in the Renaissance style in the country. Located in the center of the city, it was designed as a statement piece to signify to the world that the Christian leaders were in complete control of the region. 

Your guide will reveal the secrets and symbolism throughout the architect Diego de Siloe’s design, the altar and Cupola, The ornate main entrance known as the Door of Forgiveness and the complex tales told throughout the many gorgeous stained glass windows.

Royal Chapel

Visit the tombs of the Catholic Monarchs Isabel of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon. On your guided tour here you will visit the facade and “The Surrender of Granada” artwork by Francisco Padilla. Step inside with your guide to discuss the Temple and the Gothic Vaults it contains and of course, the stunning main Alterface.

Sacromonte Hills & Flamenco Performance

Sacromonte, village Granada
Sacromonte, Granada

Built into Valparaiso Hill, your guide will take you to explore the Sacromonte neighborhood, where you will find the Cuevas that housed the gypsy population in both historic and modern times. A highlight of the tour will be taking the opportunity to enter one of the caves to enjoy a Flamenco performance in the spiritual home of the art form.

Visit the Museum of the Sacromonte Caves

While walking the hills, it is common that the locals will sometimes invite you into their homes, however, we recommend visiting the museum with your private guide to gain a true understanding and appreciation of how the locals have lived and built their society here from the time they arrived.

Live Flamenco Performance

Step into one of the decorated caves to enjoy a famous Las Zambras Flamenco performance. Performed by relatives of the famous Maria La Canastera you will feel the passion and emotion of the Flamenco in this intimate setting.

Best Tours from Emily! Words can't express how grateful it was to be able to call on Emily for help with some excursions in Spain. Emily, thanks soo much. You're the BEST!!!
5 star review
Tisa N (US)

Granada Tapas Culture

Close up of Pinxo Tapas in Spain
Tapas, Granada

Granada is perhaps the most fun city in all of Spain to enjoy an evening of “Tapas Hopping” from bar to restaurant.

Perhaps more than any city in the country, Granada keeps the old Spanish custom of serving free Tapas with every drink ordered very much alive. We don’t mean a miserly serving of bar nuts or a slice of bread either, real Spanish Meatballs, Paella, and Fish dishes provide just a sample of what we are talking about.  

Whoever said there was no such thing as a free lunch had clearly never visited this Andalusian paradise! Options differ from each bar and restaurant, but you will either be served the daily special, an option to share, or you will have the opportunity to select from a Tapas menu when you order your beverage.

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