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This Guided Day Trip From Seville

Discover the rich culture and history of Olive Oil, southern Spanish Wines, and ancient towns in Andalusia with this unique full-day private tour, conveniently located within an hour’s drive of Seville.

On this adventure, we will explore a traditional olive mill, wander through the storied streets of Carmona, and relax in the beautiful countryside with a delightful wine-tasting session.

What Included on Our Olive Oil & Wine Day Trip?

The Journey Begins: Private Transfer from Seville

Your unforgettable day commences as your private driver collects you from your accommodation in Seville.

Sit back in the comfort of your air-conditioned vehicle for the brief 40-minute transfer and prepare for a day of discovery, starting with a visit to a historic olive mill in the tranquil surroundings of the nearby countryside.

Experience Andalusian Gold: Olive Oil Mill Visit

Olive Oil Visit, Spain
Olive Oil Mill, Spain

Our first stop is a traditional olive mill where you will learn about the cultivation and harvesting process of the olives and the art of transforming them into the region’s celebrated ‘liquid gold.’

The guided olive oil tasting will give you a newfound appreciation for this integral ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine.

10 Day Private Tour: It was such a pleasure to work with Emily. Everything went off without a hitch! There were some changes either in drivers or guides but this was communicated in advance via whats app. Drivers were always on time and very professional. Our 2 favorite guides were Daniel Guia in Madrid and Luis Salas in Seville. They gave great recommendations for shopping, restaurants or sights to visit when you were on your own. We had so many wonderful experiences on our trip from the private horse show outside of Cordoba with a live Spanish guitarist to the white villages , tapas bars, walking tours of Seville, Madrid and the Alhambra. Emily was in contact all the time if needed . Sorry Emily it took so long to write this, life gets so busy and that 's why you have Guided Spain plan your trip!
5 star review
Ann (US)

Exploring the Ancient Town of Carmona

Carmona, Spain
Carmona, Spain

Next, we journey to the charming town of Carmona, an ancient settlement steeped in history. Wander along its narrow cobblestone streets, marvel at the grandeur of its fortress, and soak up the authentic Andalusian atmosphere.

Your private guide will help unravel the rich tapestry of history interwoven into the fabric of this captivating town.

Our 15-day Southern Spain tour - Amazing! It's so hard to come back to reality after experiencing a Guided Spain Tour! Emily arranged a tour for my husband and myself for cities in Southern Spain (Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba, Seville, Jerez de la Frontera, the White Villages and Ronda, Malaga, hiking the Caminito del Rey, and Granada). In addition, we traveled one day to Tangiers, Morocco and Gibraltar, then spending our last 4 days in Barcelona and visiting surrounding cities. It was an amazing trip, which provided professional, private drivers and fantastic, well-informed guides for all of the cities and activities. In addition, Emily was constantly in touch with us during the entire trip to make sure everything was going well. We could go on and on about all of the very special experiences we had, and will definitely use Guided Spain Tours for other trips in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Our only wish is that Emily would also do tours worldwide!
5 star review
Paul & Cindy (US)

Lunch Break: Delights of Andalusian Gastronomy

Indulge in a leisurely lunch at a local restaurant hand-picked for its authentic Andalusian cuisine.

From traditional tapas to succulent Iberian ham, each dish offers a culinary journey through the region’s diverse gastronomic heritage.

Wine Tasting Experience: Savor the Flavors of Andalusian Wines

Andalusian Wine, Sherry, & Cheese, Spain
Andalusian Wine, Spain

As the day nears its end, we will visit a local winery nestled in the picturesque Andalusian countryside.

Here, a wine expert will introduce you to the process of wine-making in this region, followed by a guided wine tasting, offering a chance to savor some of the finest local wines.

Drop off at Seville Accommodation

As we return to Seville, you can reminisce about the day’s experiences, from the aromatic olive groves to the historical charm of Carmona and the delightful wine-tasting session.

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