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Our Besalù Day Trip from Barcelona

Step back in time on a full-day private tour to Besalú, a perfectly preserved medieval town located in the beautiful region of Garrotxa.

As one of the most significant and best-preserved medieval sites in Catalonia, Besalú offers a unique journey into the past. It’s a labyrinth of narrow cobblestone streets, ancient buildings, and rich historical sites that paint a vibrant picture of life in medieval times.

Our personalized tour is designed to immerse you in this historical haven, all at your own pace and with the exclusive service of your private guide and driver.

What Is Included In Our Besalu Day Trip?

Private Transfer: Departure from Barcelona

Your journey to Besalú begins with a comfortable private transfer from your accommodation in Barcelona.

Settle in for the ride as you pass through Catalan landscapes brimming with beauty, making the approximately one-and-a-half-hour journey a sightseeing experience in its own right.

First Stop: Arrival in Besalú

As you approach Besalú, its charming medieval silhouette instantly captures your attention.

Start your exploration of this historical gem with a leisurely stroll through the winding streets, soaking in the timeless atmosphere. The town’s architecture, an amalgam of Romanesque and Gothic styles, bears witness to centuries of history.

Your guide will unravel tales of bygone eras, enhancing your understanding of this medieval town and its significance in Catalan history.

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The Besalú Bridge

Old medieval Romanesque bridge Besalu over the river Fluvia in Girona.
Besalú Bridge, Catalonia, Spain

Perhaps the most emblematic symbol of Besalú is its fortified bridge.

Spanning the Fluvià River, this stunning 12th-century bridge offers panoramic views of the town. As you traverse its arches, your guide will share captivating anecdotes about the structure’s history and its strategic importance.

The Jewish Quarter and Mikveh

Besalú hosts one of the most important Jewish Quarters in Spain, bearing testament to a thriving Jewish community that existed here in the Middle Ages.

Walk through its arch-covered streets and visit the Mikveh, a 12th-century Jewish bath, one of the few remaining in Europe. Your guide will elaborate on the historical significance of the Jewish community in Besalú, offering insights into their culture and their enduring impact on the town.

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The Church of Sant Vicenç and Monastery of Sant Pere

Next, visit the Romanesque Church of Sant Vicenç, a stunning 10th-century structure that is a testament to Besalú’s religious history.

A stone’s throw away is the Monastery of Sant Pere, another Romanesque jewel worth exploring. As you marvel at these timeless structures, your guide will share intriguing details about the town’s religious heritage and its impact on its development.

Private Transfer Back to Barcelona

After a day steeped in history and exploration, your private driver will transport you back to Barcelona.

Relax and recount the day’s adventures on the comfortable ride home, reflecting on your deepened understanding of Catalonia’s rich history and cultural heritage.

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Your journey through Besalú has provided a captivating glimpse into the medieval world, rich with history, culture, and stunning architecture. As you return to Barcelona, carry these memories with you, a reminder of Catalonia’s timeless beauty and profound history.

Remember, we can customize this tour to your interests and preferences. Contact us today to plan your personalized journey to Besalú and beyond, ensuring a truly unique and unforgettable Catalan experience.

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