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Our Penedes Wine Region Day Tour from Barcelona

Leave behind the bustling streets of Barcelona for the day as you escape to the serene landscapes of the Penedes wine region. This private tour offers an intimate exploration of the vine-strewn hills of Catalonia, home to some of the most prestigious wineries in Spain.

Each winery visit on our tour unveils unique winemaking processes, from cultivation to the aging process, all culminating in curated tastings of fine wines and sparkling cavas, including a traditional Catalan lunch amidst the vineyards.

This Penedes wine tour offers a perfect blend of culture, nature, and gastronomy, wrapped up in the tranquil beauty of Catalonia’s wine country. Join us for this immersive experience as we journey into the heart of Catalonian viticulture.

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What's included in our Penedes Wine Region Day Trip?

Departure from Barcelona with Your Private Driver

Begin your full-day Penedes wine tour with a private transfer from your accommodation in Barcelona.

Settle into the comfortable vehicle for the scenic one-hour drive through Catalonia’s picturesque landscapes. Your knowledgeable driver ensures a smooth journey, setting the tone for an unforgettable day of wine discovery.

Guided Tour and Wine Tasting at Bodegas Torres Winery

Pendes Wine Region tour at vineyard
Penedes Vineyards, Spain

Upon arrival at Bodegas Torres, one of the most revered wineries in the Penedes region, you’ll be greeted by the sprawling vineyards and the breathtaking backdrop of Montserrat Mountain.

Torres is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, blending tradition with cutting-edge winemaking techniques.

Your tour begins with a guided walk through the vineyards, where you’ll gain insight into the cultivation and harvesting process. Discover the artistry behind wine production as your guide explains terroir’s importance and climate’s impact on grape varieties.

Next, you’ll explore the historic cellars, the heart of the winery where the magic truly happens. Here, amidst the cool, dimly-lit tunnels lined with oak barrels, you’ll learn about the aging process and how it enhances the flavor and character of the wines.

Finally, indulge in a curated wine tasting. Savor a selection of Torres’s finest wines, experiencing firsthand the nuances and complexities that distinguish each variety. From bold reds to crisp whites, your palate will be treated to an array of exquisite flavors, a testament to the Torres family’s dedication to excellence in winemaking. This first winery visit sets a high standard for the day’s exploration of the Penedes wine region.

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Scenic Drive through the Penedes Wine Region

Following your visit to Bodegas Torres, enjoy a leisurely drive through the Penedes wine region.

As you traverse rolling vineyards under the Catalan sun, appreciate the stunning landscapes that make this region an ideal environment for wine production.

Second Winery Visit: Exploration and Wine Tasting at Familia Torres Winery

Penedes Wine Region grapes Spain
Penedes Wine Region, Spain

Embarking on your second winery visit of the day, you’ll arrive at the esteemed Familia Torres Winery. Known for their dedication to sustainable viticulture and respect for the land, Familia Torres offers a distinct perspective on winemaking in the Penedes region.

Your exploration commences with a tour of the property, where the harmonious integration of vineyards with the surrounding landscape is apparent. The Familia Torres ethos centers around maintaining a balance with nature, and this principle is reflected in their wine production practices.

Inside the winery, you’ll get a glimpse into the production process. From the crush pad where the grapes start their journey to the fermentation tanks where they transform into wine, each step is meticulously managed to ensure the final product lives up to Familia Torres’s high standards.

A highlight of your visit is the immersive wine-tasting session. Here, you’ll sample a range of wines that speak to the winery’s commitment to preserving local grape varieties. As you sip each wine, your guide will help you identify the subtleties and unique flavor profiles, further deepening your appreciation for Penedes wines. This visit underscores the diversity of the region’s wine offerings and the passion that drives their production.

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Traditional Catalan Lunch at Familia Torres

Pendes Wine tasting session

After the enlightening tour and tasting session, prepare for a gastronomic delight at Familia Torres. Indulge in a traditional Catalan lunch crafted from locally sourced ingredients.

Each dish showcases the region’s rich culinary tradition, harmonizing perfectly with the Torres wines. Savor the robust flavors of Catalan cuisine, with dishes ranging from fresh seafood and meats to tempting regional specialties.

Paired with fine wines from the estate, this mid-day meal will be a highlight of your day, offering a flavorful insight into the Penedes region’s culinary heritage while complementing the wine-tasting experiences.

Third Winery Visit: Guided Tour and Wine Tasting at Cava Llopart

Your third and final winery visit of the day brings you to Cava Llopart, a prestigious family-run estate with roots dating back to the 14th century.

As one of the oldest wineries in Spain, Cava Llopart holds a special place in the Penedes region for its integral role in the history of Cava production.

Upon arrival, a guided tour will take you through the vineyards, where you can witness the family’s dedication to organic farming practices. The tour continues into the cellar, where you’ll learn about the traditional ‘Methode Champenoise’ used in Cava production.

The culmination of your visit is a guided tasting of Llopart’s exquisite Cavas. These sparkling wines, known for their complexity and finesse, reflect the estate’s commitment to quality and tradition. As the effervescence dances on your palate, you’ll understand why Cava Llopart is highly esteemed in the world of sparkling wines, rounding off your Penedes wine tour on a high note.

Return to your Accommodation in Barcelona

As the sun sets on your Penedes wine region tour, your private driver will transport you back to Barcelona to return to your accommodation, unwind, and reflect on the day’s adventures.

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This journey through the Penedes wine region has been designed to deliver you to some of the most prestigious wineries in Catalonia, introduce you to the process behind the production of exquisite wines, and indulge your palate with tastings and a traditional Catalan lunch.

This is an excellent introduction to the region; however, at Guided Spain Tours, we aim to tailor every experience exactly to our guest’s personal tastes. Our team of expert tour planners is ready to create a complimentary, tailor-made Penedes wine tour just for you.

Whether you wish to delve deeper into organic viticulture, explore more family-run estates, or enjoy additional gastronomic experiences, our team can design the perfect itinerary. Contact us today to start planning your personalized wine journey through the beautiful Penedes region.

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